The first gazetted national park in Kenya is the Nairobi national park. It is the one and only wildlife national park in the entire world located very near to the City Centre and it is situated within Kenya’s capital city in the southern part of the city.  This makes it possible to start your Kenya safari right from the city straightaway on arrival into Nairobi City.

Due to the short distance between the park and the city surroundings, there is easy access to the national park by the tourists even when connecting directly from the airport. The great beauty of the scenery as well as the different wildlife attract several tourists who visit to engage in the various safari activities conducted in this park

The national park is a refuge for some species of animals which are regarded as endangered such as the rhinos; these are transferred from Nairobi national park and relocated into other parks across the country. The park is also a habitat for 4 out of Africa’s big five animals and these include: the buffaloes, leopards, lions and rhinos, in addition to many other types of wild animals and birds.

The southern border of the park is covered with River Mbagathi which allows animals to easily access the river as a source of water especially in the dry season, whereas the east, west and northern boundaries are covered with an electric fence so as to limit the animals from accessing and destroying the nearby farmlands.

The park is promoted, managed and regulated by the Kenya wildlife service whose head offices are located at one of the main gates of this park. This authority runs similar functions in all of the National parks and wildlife reserves found in the country with the exception of the Maasai Mara reserve in the south.

Nairobi national park is visited by many categories of people including couples on holiday, the local Kenyan people, students on case study and educational field trips, as well as other tourists from other countries. It has well organized wildlife-education center where lectures and video presentations are offered to illustrate and teach about wildlife. In addition, there is an animal orphanage within the park. This great park also contains a museum for young children where they can see displays of stuffed animals which are found in the park. The park has interesting spots for picnics and holding corporate and special events. All our Kenya safari tours from Nairobi can include a visit to Nairobi National Park, either at the beginning or at the end of the safari.

How to access Nairobi National Park

It is very easy to get access to the national park either by air or by road transport. By air, there are flights from Wilson airport and Jomo Kenyatta international airport. When using road transport, it is located just ten kilometers (10 km) right from the city center Nairobi.

Entry gates: Nairobi national park has several entry gates which include langata gate, Kenya wildlife service (KWS) headquarters gate, Masai gate, Banda gate and the Mbagathi gate

What are the Park entrance Fees for Nairobi National Park?

Below are the entry fees for the adults into the national park

Citizen: KSH 430

Resident: KSH 1030

Non-resident: USD $43

Nairobi national park can be accessed throughout the year. it is a recommended destination for photographic enthusiastic holidaymakers thanks to the great scenery that combines a diversity of wildlife with a background of the beautiful city.

What to do | Attractions in Nairobi National Park

The following are some of the interesting attractions or activities to do in Nairobi national park.

Game Drives:

During your visit, you can engage in game viewing during which you will get a chance to see the great diversity of wild animals such as the cheetahs, baboons, black rhinos, cape buffaloes, zebras, gazelles, hippos, hartebeests, impalas, elands, waterbucks and giraffes and much more. These takes place in the park mainly twice a day. That is, in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, there are higher chances of watching many animal species since they are more active compared to the mid-day game drives when the animals are hiding in shelters to escape from the heat of the sun. It is amazing that with some little bit of luck you may see as many animals in a day as you would see in the famous Masai Mara National Reserve.

Bird watching:

this is another interest activity during which led by a professional guide will be able to identify very many species of birds such as the ostrich, blacksmith lapwing, black headed heron, long tailed fiscal, secretary birds, common moorhen, pallid harrier and the martial eagle among others

Visit the Nairobi Animal orphanage:

This is a place where the treatment, care and rehabilitation of wild animals and birds is done. This center takes care of different species like cheetahs, warthogs, hyenas, jackals, lions, serval cats, rare sokoke cats, monkeys, buffalos, baboons and leopards and so many more plus bird species like, ostrich, guinea fowl, crown crane and parrots. The Nairobi animal orphanage also offers medical examination and necessary treatments for the animals according to the size of the injury and their necessities before being rehabilitated. Due to all these activities many people are attracted to visit this orphanage

Impala observation point:

the national park also has a great observation point for impalas. To explain more, this park offers the most excellent view point for watching impalas while grazing in the grass lands below. Tourists who come to this site can also get an opportunity to have picnics and eat while watching the wildlife.

Visit the ivory burning site monument:

The memorial ground for burning ivory. This site marks a milestone in Kenya’s great efforts in conserving wildlife. This was the place where H.E Daniel Arap Moi a former president of the Republic of Kenya burnt a large consignment of ivory as a sign of stopping ivory trade and a clear communication to poachers to end animal poaching. In addition, this act emphasized the country’s obligation to conserve wildlife. The ivory burning site monument is situated in Nairobi national park on the northwest wing.

Visit the David and Daphne Sheldrick Elephant orphanage:

The excellent elephant orphanage center is an orphanage where rescued elephants and other animals like rhinos live. This orphanage is the number best education center on the conservation of elephants after some time of caring for them, these elephants are transferred to Tsavo national park. You may be interested in our other day trips in Kenya.

Walking safaris:

These are conducted on a wooden long raised walkway good for viewing the various species of wildlife in the park. This provides an up-close encounter of the different wild animals. The animals are viewed from a safe distance.

Where to Stay | Accommodation in Nairobi National Park

Generally, accommodation is highly accessible near the national park and is categorized into the following ways.

Budget Accommodation which includes: Radisson Blu hotel Nairobi, Royal tulip Canaan Nairobi, Saab royal hotel, Town lodge uphill, Fairview hotel, Doubletree by Hilton Nairobi, After 40 hotel, suites Nairobi and Lotos inns

Midrange Accommodation which includes:  The example include Tawala homes, Bush house and camp, Anga Afrika luxury boutique camp Nairobi and Stardom hotel

Luxury Accommodation which includes: Nairobi tented campsite, ole Sereni hotel, African heritage house and Ololo safari lodge.

Finally, Nairobi national Park is an interesting park with beautiful game view for all the tourists. Therefore, book your safari today with Safari Desire for an unforgettable experience.

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Nairobi National Park – If you ever see a picture of Wild animals with an urban city on the background, please make sure its Nairobi city or else it would be a fake computer manipulated picture.  Nairobi National Park is the closest National park to a capital city. The park was the first national park to be gazetted in Kenya. Its located 7km from the city center earning it the name “The world’s only wildlife capital”.

So close proximity to the city though, does not mean less wildlife to this park. The park has a recorded number of over 400 bird species including the seasonal northern migrators that are common here during late march through April every year. Besides there are many species of plain game as well as predators including ; lions, leopards, hyenas, and cheetahs. This park has added value to the city as a conferencing venue as delegates get to experience both worlds of business and leisure in their very tight schedules.

Nairobi National parks is also known as a flower lovers haven and the park becomes a rival of Kitulo in Tanzania immediately after the rain season. So many flower species can be spotted inside the Nairobi National Park that they even overshadow the wildlife during the right season.

Nairobi National park can be toured as part of a long Kenya safari with other parks or as a weekend getaway form the city or other cities as well. We also offer day trips to Nairobi National Park for residents as well as conference delegates as well as Business travelers.

Please contact our safari experts for your wonderful experience next time you travel to Nairobi.