Kenya is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon destinations in Africa! With more than a 100-year history of wildlife safari, Kenya is still the one of the best honeymoon spots in Africa and indeed in the whole world. Many factors make Kenya honeymoon safari one of the best honeymoons experience any couple could ask for.  

Best Places to visit During your Kenya honeymoon safari

The most iconic of the Kenya safari honeymoon destinations is the Masai Mara Game Reserve, which is pretty obvious. Honeymoon in Masai mara Kenya is just magical. Masai Mara is one of  most famous safari destinations in the world. Masai Mara is where the The Great Wildebeests Migration happens every year between July and October. Planning your honeymoon to coincide with the migration would be a big plus for you if you are planning to travel to Kenya for your honeymoon.