Kenya is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon destinations in Africa! With more than a 100-year history of wildlife safari, Kenya is still the one of the best honeymoon spots in Africa and indeed in the whole world. Many factors make Kenya honeymoon safari one of the best honeymoons experience any couple could ask for.

Best Places to visit During your Kenya honeymoon safari

The most iconic of the Kenya safari honeymoon destinations is the Masai Mara Game Reserve, which is pretty obvious. Honeymoon in Masai mara Kenya is just magical. Masai Mara is one of  most famous safari destinations in the world. Masai Mara is where the The Great Wildebeests Migration happens every year between July and October. Planning your honeymoon to coincide with the migration would be a big plus for you if you are planning to travel to Kenya for your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Kenya 7 days safari

7 Days Kenya Honeymoon Masai Mara safari

affordable Kenya honeymoon safari and beach

11 Days Kenya Honeymoon safari

14 days honeymoon safari Kenya Beach

14 Days Honeymoon Kenya Safari & Beach

Kenya has some of the most beautiful attractive sites thus the reason it’s among the best honeymoon destinations in Africa and all over the world. It is blessed with variety of wildlife species for those that love animals, extremely interesting cultures and beautiful beaches and islands in the Indian Ocean.  Kenya honeymoon safaris can combine it all meaning the  leisure that comes with a lot of relaxing at the hotels as you enjoy  a couple of cocktails, wildlife adventures, city tours and also beach tours.  If you’re interested in one or more, you can start with the amazing wildlife tour and get to explore one or more of the different wild plains with the guidance of your expert tour guide.  and then later, you can enjoy sunset viewing from a beach somewhere.Kenya honeymoon safari

There are several extraordinary honeymoon options leading to several destinations. There are some packages are quite cheap so that everyone gets the chance to experience the joy of having a honeymoon in Kenya and there are also some luxury packages that are best suited for a luxury couple. You can choose to visit some of the most romantic resorts or venture into the wilderness but can also do both.

What to expect during your honeymoon in Kenya

Kenya may not be a very developed nation but has got some modern infrastructure means for example luxury sailing boats which means you can expect to enjoy some of the best boat cruises on the ocean. While on land, this country has plenty to offer from its very many national parks and game reserves. It is the only country with a national park in within its capital city.

Kenya offers amazing cuisines

You can also expect to have the best meals. They do offer different cuisines ranging from the flavored Arab style cuisines, the western style kind of dishes and also the Kenyan local dishes that most foreigners find quite tasty. Most of the accommodation facilities in Kenya do provide meals to their guests, that includes breakfast often served early  every morning before guests walk out to start their days.  You can have luxurious lunches from wherever you may be and then dinners are often three course meals, sometimes it does dependent on the area you’re staying in.

Honeymooner or just couples always have that option of having romantic and private dinners or lunches setup for them on request for example you can have your dinner privately on your balcony or in your room. And if you are out somewhere in wilderness, you can get to have your lunch under some tree in the bushes.

Also expect the best accommodation facilities

This though depends on how much you are willing to spend on accommodation.  Regardless of whether it is a luxurious hotel or not, all accommodation facilities are cleans and comfortable to stay in because we do understand the huge role accommodation does play in anyone’s travel experience.  Honeymooners do deserve the best for that matter. A conducive and relaxing environment is something expected from any hotel you may choose to stay in.

The best part about Kenya is the fact that sometimes in some places, you don’t have to walk out of your hotel rooms to enjoy some game viewing. Spend your nights at a hotel like giraffe manor in Nairobi and the giraffes will find in the dining area. Some of the best hotels you can opt for include hotels like Sasaab Camp, there is also Mara Plains Camp or sleep at Ol Donyo Lodge or may be Loisaba Lodge.  If you are more interested in spending your time on the beach, you can stay at luxurious properties on islands Funzi Keys or the Msambweni House property.  With the help of local travel agents, you can make the best choice and the best memories. Hotels, lodges and camps vary in sizes and the level of intimacy.

Best honeymoon Destinations in Kenya

Nairobi City: this is the capital city of Kenya. it host a number of historical sites, museums that will give you a great insight of the country’s political and cultural history, beautiful skyscrapers, nice hotels, fine restaurants and a splendid nightlife.

Maasai Mara Game Reserve: this is home to the largest number of wild animals especially the big mammals in the whole of Kenya. Each year the plains of the Masai Mara receive about two million animals that take part in the Annual Wildebeest Migration

Mount Kenya: this is the second highest mountain on the African continent. Set out on a mountaineering adventure with your loved one and enjoy the amazing challenge as you make your way to the snow capped peak of Mount Kenya.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy: A trip to Lewa is really a nice honeymoon complimentary in Kenya since it is such an amazing wildlife wonderland. You can expect to a number of both the black and white rhinos, large herds of elephants, different antelope species including the Sitatungas, the gravy Zebras, there are giraffes and schools of hippos.

Amboseli National Park: If you love nature, you will find a visit to this national park very interesting. the park is home to a number of  different animals like zebras, warthogs, hyenas, elephants, wildebeests, buffaloes, Rhinos, leopards, cheetahs and sometimes the Maasai giraffes.

Diani Beach: this is considered as one of the best honeymoon dream destinations because it  has a little bit of everything to offer to different guests from the  really clear waters for those interested in water spots to the white sand beaches for those that just wish to take a walk and sit by the beach.

What to do on your honeymoon Safari in Kenya

There is surely a lot that honeymooners can do while in Kenya but because there is always limited times, you have to choose a few out of a lot and you can choose to engage in activities like;

  1. Go for game drives and scenic viewing

You can do both the bush and beach tours in one safari and this is a pretty classic combination that people often chose to go for during their honeymoon in Kenya. This bush and beach break combines both relaxing and exploring. Such a trip takes you through a few of Kenya’s highlights for example, you can spend some quality time along the shores of lake Naivasha watching the beautiful pink colored flamingos or visit parks like Amboseli national park to enjoy the game viewing for a few hours.

Amboseli has a number of  different animals like zebras, warthogs, hyenas, elephants, wildebeests, buffaloes, Rhinos, leopards, cheetahs and sometimes the Maasai giraffes are seen wandering around the foggy scenic landscape of  the National park. If you love nature, you will find this tour interesting because you will see the melting snow flow down from mountain Kilimanjaro into the Amboseli plains and creating a swamp amidst the dusty plains.

Amboseli is located on the foot of Africa’s highest snow capped mountain called Mt. Kilimanjaro on the Kenyan side and that gives the park an added advantage.  On a very clear day, you catch a very clear view of the mountain peak in a distance.

Best hotel choices around Amboseli and Naivasha

The Ol Tukia lodge in Amboseli Park is an eco friendly and it’s a beautiful choice with the most amazing landscape, vast views that go as far as Mount Kilimanjaro.  This lodge offers an opportunity to engage in some of the different activities including elephant watching at a close range. It also offers the modern facilities suitable for a honeymoon destination.

Wileli house in Naivasha is another option from where you can access and explore private wildlife sanctuary. This lodge represents African beauty and harmony.

  1. Laze around any of the tropical beaches in Diana or Mombasa

Kenya Honeymoon Diani BeachBeach holidays are the best if you choose to Mombasa or Diani as the destination because they two places have some of the best resorts and beaches suitable for anyone to spend their honeymoon. There are several beautiful beach resorts all over the coastline of the Indian Ocean and if you want to spend time on the beach, Kenya is the best choice for you.  Diani for example is considered as one of the best honeymoon dream destinations because it  has a little bit of everything to offer to different guests from the  really clear waters for those interested in water spots to the white sand beaches for those that just wish to take a walk and sit by the beach.

  1. Go kite surfing on Diani Beach

Since Diani is one of the very few best kite surfing sites across the world. Diani has got very clear and warm waters, the beaches are peaceful with strong coastal winds which are very much needed in spots like kitesurfing.  Diani is also safe because there are no dangerous rocks, there no dangerous water life like the sharks thus making this the best place to practice such game even for the beginners.  Locals can help you learn at a small fee of course. Kitesurfing in Diani is one of those activities that you should never miss out and you can be certain it will be a memorable experience.  Kenya beach tours also give you an opportunity explore the different Kenyan cultures as you interact with the locals. Enjoy learning about close to 43 different tribes and their rich history. There will be different local foods and drinks that you can test, often there are cultural exhibitions during the Diani festivals.

Other exciting Beach activities for honeymooners:

You can also go swimming from any point of this really expansive beach which is also coral reef free. Coral reefs in Diani are only seen offshore of the ocean and even then, the beach is ideal for swimming.   You can also take beach long walks with your spouse, ride bikes and if you are more interested in mountain biking, you can visit the Tiwi beach and bike from there or stay at your hotel and enjoy some quality time together.

  1. Spice up your honeymoon with deep sea fishing in the Kenyan coast

if you wish to this is another exciting activity since the waters are very clear. The water temperatures and the type of vegetation that grows around this beaches supports the survival of various fish species including the predatory fish types. This part of the ocean offers some quality fishing challenges that you probably can’t resist if you love fishing. This is one of the most popular activities done by the locals as well so it can’t be that difficult to find someone to guide around.

  1. Go for glass-bottom boat trips

This is a classic spot where you get to see different underwater creatures without getting wet. You get to see all them through a glass and if you don’t like swimming, this is the ultimate spot for you to engage in. It is also a great activity to do if you have kids with you.  Diani has got an amazing underwater world with lots of exotic fish, beautiful coral reefs and other marine life that you will see through the embedded glass floor on the bottom of the boat.  You will have a trained tour guide/captain to help you explain what you need explained.

During this boat trip, you can jump off the boat for snorkeling or even go for scuba diving adventure if you are interested in getting a closer look at the different marine life under the waters.

Kenya probably has some of the best beaches and Diani is on top of the list because of its pristine clean waters and the humid weather thus attracting lots of travelers and various beach activities. Visit the beach and you will be amazed by how cool the place is, there are palms alongside the road to the beach and also friendly locals. Enjoy the meals because every meal prepared from the beach is cooked using fresh coconut milk which makes the meals tasty.

Best beach hotel options

Msambweni Beach House is the probably everyone’s dream hotel. It has a beautiful private villa and beach house at the same time along the south coast. It is the best choice for couple that are looking for absolute tranquility and privacy. You can always choose between the luxury rooms in the beach House or opt for one of the private Villas that you will have to yourselves. Enjoy those private beach dinners and an overall nice best stay.

Neptune Palm Beach Resort and Spa is another beautiful Palm Beach Boutique which offers some of the best honeymoon packages. They have some of the best services around the areas and also amazing scenery around the hotel.  The hotel has a beautiful private beachfront facing those attractive tropical gardens thus providing the best honeymoon setting ever.

There are so many other nice hotels like The Maji beach boutique, Baobab beach resort, among many others.

  1. Explore Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Kenya has got some variety of what to offer especially in terms of wildlife. Look out for the rare gentle black rhinos while out on some of the group game safaris organized probably your hotel or an agent. During such special honey moon game viewing safaris, you get to visit unique places like Lewa downs and this is the kind of safari often referred to as the big five safari because they are all there.

Explore Lewa Downs which is a small and extraordinary game conservation area with lots of amazing success stories that you will get to learn about from your tour guide. This park has such amazing scenery that includes beautiful rolling hills, variety of vegetation covers which is a home to a collection of different wildlife species.

Enjoy your tour in Lewa Conservancy, especially since this place is never crowded with tourists and spotting the big five during the game drive is almost guaranteed. A trip to Lewa is really a nice honeymoon complimentary in Kenya since it is such an amazing wildlife wonderland. You can expect to a number of both the black and white rhinos, large herds of elephants, different antelope species including the Sitatungas, the gravy Zebras, there are giraffes and schools of hippos. Cats like lions and leopards are also often seen, buffaloes and cheetahs as well as wild dogs are often seen too, among so many other animals.  At the end of the day, you can head back to your beach hotel and spend an evening around the beach, watch the sunset, sitting and relaxing by the beach, walk around and maybe enjoy a beach dinner with your spouse.

Best hotel options to sleep at;

If you choose to sleep close by Lewa conservation area, there is Lewa Wilderness Lodge which is the perfect place to sleep if you planning on spending some time in Lewa or visit Laikipia Plateau as well.

  1. Explore the Masai Mara park – watch the wildebeest migration

Masai Mara National Reserve is among Africa’s best wildlife safari destinations because it has lots of wildlife species, vegetation species and bird life.  It is also famous for the great annual wildebeest migration and so a hot air balloon in this part of Kenya is so very deserving especially during the wildebeest migration period or simply because it is a  honeymoon safari.

Masai Mara National reserve made it to the 8 wonders of the world list probably because it’s what we would call the arena of  the wildebeest migration which more like the wild animals’ Olympic  that happens every year. This park houses about 40% of  the large mammals in Africa including  all the big five included, there are over  95 different mammal species, there are  reptiles, so many amphibians and more than 400 species of  birds.

While Wildebeest Migration is a seasonal experience that happens from July to September, you can expect to see so many other animals during your balloon tour including antelope species, hundreds of Zebras since there are more than 200,000 of them living in this park, crocodile are commonly see in the Mara River. If you happen to witness the wildebeest migration, this will forever be a memorable safari not only because it a honeymoon but because of what is there to offer. It is also considered the largest overland animal migration across the globe.

  1. Go for the hot air balloon in the Masai Mara Park

In a hot air balloon, you will have clear and beautiful aerial view of  hills, the valleys, a vast area of the plains and most importantly a variety of  animals including the lions, there are  rhinos too and hippos  in the river. You will gently soar above this wonderful game park and you will be surprised by how amazing game viewing from space can be. Hot air balloon trips start early so that sunrise finds you in air already, that way you can catch the beautiful view of the sun rays on the green and the wildlife.Masai Mara Honeymoon Balloon safari

You can expect giraffes, wildebeests will be there razing and  the scene is different from when they are migrating, buffalos, hyenas, warthogs,  jackals and  wild dogs, the leopards and elephants too should be expected.  During the migration, wildebeests and Zebras face a hard time protecting themselves from the crocodiles as they cross Mara river and attacks from other  predators  like the  lions and cheetahs, wild dogs and  jackals, hyena as well as  vultures which always there by the heels.

You can have bush breakfast organized for you and later after game viewing, you can land and have breakfast under a tree shade.

Where to sleep while in Masai Mara

Mara Explorer camp is a good option to spend your nights if you plan on going for a honeymoon in the wilderness.  This is luxurious tented camp facing the river, built using unique local handicraft materials and a touch of real African designs.

The Fairmont mara safari club is another hotel good to spend your honeymoon. If you wish to have a luxurious honeymoon, then this is the lodge for you. It is also overlooking the river, you can have your meals served outdoor. There are several other lodges that are good to host honeymooners.

  1. Hike the snow capped Mount Kenya

Hikers and rock climbers will find a trip to Mt. Kenya really worth it.  Mt. Kenya is the second tallest in Africa after Kilimanjaro, it has snow peaks and different trails that you can follow with the help of a trained guide.  This is an adventurous exercise and exploring the wilderness as you unwind at the same time is a good idea. This is not a race and so you can go as far as you wish too. You will have plenty of time to relax from your luxurious and beautiful cottages after the walk.

Mt. Kenya has its lower slopes touching each side of the equator, which makes it pretty unique in some way. This hike starts really early in the morning just before sun rises  and  with meeting at the headquarters found on the Mountain slopes for a briefing and then later the guide will lead the way.

You can also choose to stay at you hotel relaxing by the poolside as you watch Mount Kenya’s snow-capped peak rise up from a distance.

  1. Take a guided Nature walk in Sweetwaters Game Reserve

Alternatively, you can simply take a guided nature walk around the national park, day time game drive can also be organized for you at the Sweetwaters Game Reserve which located not so far from the mountain region if you are interested in game viewing.

Sweetwaters reserve is a home to a number of orphaned chimpanzees, there is quite a number of the Big Five animals but the most common of all are the rhinos, elephants and buffaloes.

  1. Enjoy horseback rides in Ol Pejeta Conservancy (Sweetwaters Camp)

You can also opt for a horseback ride safari around the Ol Pejeta and through plains of this magnificent wildlife area. This is also a guided tour, it is a bit more interesting than the game drives because then you can reach places and go through forests, something you can’t possibly do when in a car.  Horseback riding brings you closer to the animals, you will meet antelopes, warthogs, zebras and many more. Horseback riding also doesn’t require any kind of experience which pushes it top on the list of what-to-do on your honeymoon safari in Kenya.

For quality intimate time with your loved one, you can enjoy sundowners with nice cocktails, or relax around a lit bonfire just before you have your delicious dinner served.

Where to sleep at Ol Pejeta Conservancy 

Sweetwaters Serena camp is the best choice for the luxurious travelers. This hotel embraces real beauty of the surrounding environment. It offers fully furnished super luxurious accommodation in tents, with everything you will need to ensure your comfort.   This hotel is the best choice for honeymooners or just couple looking for quality.

The Rhino watch lodge offers a serene environment suitable for a honeymoon. They have chalets as well as tents decorated with breathtaking African themes. Honeymooners can use the beautiful honeymoon suites.  The lodge has Spa to help you spice up things a little bit.

There so many other options and decide on which one to use, you can seek the assistance of a tour agent.

  1. Enjoy a city tour in Nairobi – Kenya’s capital

Masai Mara Honeymoon balloon safariIt is kind of impossible to visit a country like Kenya or any other and ignore its major cities.  Nairobi has a number of sites that you should surely take time and visit after you land in the country.  You can visit the Nairobi national museum to learn about the rich cultures and history of Nairobi. Other museum includes the Karen Blixen and the Nairobi Railways.

You can choose to have your dinner at a random hotel, not necessarily where you will be sleeping. There are so many classy dining restaurants and for your very first dinner in Nairobi, you can ask your agent to book what is called chef’s table banquet which is facing Tatu’s open kitchen. It very private, you can be serenaded as you enjoy your dinner served with dishes ranging from a taste of crispy deep fried crocodile to the common meals like ordinary beef. They also have Kenyan local dishes if you wish to try some.

While in Nairobi, you can check out the David Sheldrick orphanage for the elephants. This is probably the closest you can ever get to elephants in your whole life, so visit the orphanage and you can even participate in feed them. You can even adopt one which means you offer to care for its well being for as long as you can.   Alternatively, you can visit the Giraffe Center and the experience is pretty the same.

And if you want to get some souvenirs from your honeymoon, then must visit  the parking garage on the  top  most floor of Village Market Mall as it is always turned into a Maasai Market  every Friday. You will find vendors selling lots of different tribe signature jewelry, there are woven baskets and so many other hand-carved stuff like bowls.

Where to sleep in Nairobi on Kenya honeymoon trip

Nairobi has way to many accommodation facilities that you can never run out of options regardless of how much you are willing to spend per night. There hotels like Hilton hotel, the The Tribe Hotel, Trademark, Nairobi Serena Hotel, The Sarova Stanley Hotel, Pride inn Azure hotel, among others.

When to go for a Honeymoon Safari in Kenya

we recommend that all travelers planning to enjoy a honeymoon Safari in Kenya should stick to the country’s dry season, which runs from the month of June up to November offering the best time to have your getaway. from November to March is also a good time to travel however you should expect some short rain showers.

If possible, you can organize and have your honeymoon between July to September, because at that time you can be certain about witnessing the wildebeests migration. And if you are more interested in beach life and water spots may be, you should endeavor to visit between January and March because then Kenya  is generally dry around that time so you don’t expect the rains to interrupt your programs .

Kenya offers the best experience of honeymoon in Africa because it is such an inspirational country with plenty of arid and semi-arid plains, amazing cities and so many charming beaches along its dazzling coastline with a lot to discover. Kenya also has close 40 wildlife reserves and national parks which makes it one of the best wildlife safaris destinations. Plan your honeymoon early enough so that you get to enjoy everything you wish to enjoy during your honeymoon.

What to pack for your honeymoon safari in Kenya

  • Comfortable sneakers or boots for hiking and game walks
  • Sunglasses
  • Flip-flops or any similar footwear for swimming pool or to use in the room
  • Sunscreen Lotion
  • Wide brim hat or cap to keep dust and the sun from your head
  • A scarf / Kikoi to keep you warm
  • A jacket or sweater layering during the early morning game drives and chilly evenings
  • Socks
  • At least 2 pairs of Jeans
  • Enough Underwear
  • cotton pants to wear in the evening dinner time
  • Swimsuit
  • T-shirts to wear during the warm day time
  • Sleeveless shirts for the warmer days
  • Long-sleeve shirts for men to wear during dinner time (optional)
  • At least two pairs of shorts as mid-day wear
  • Long-sleeve cotton shirts for women for layering