Zebra Plains Mara Camp is found in the Masai Mara National Reserve which is considered to be the best place for a wildlife adventure in Kenya. The National Reserve is home to hundreds of animals including the annual wildebeest migration that starts from Serengeti in Tanzania to Masai Mara in Kenya and then back following the rain patterns. The camp is convenient for tourists on both leisure and business visits to Kenya. It will take you 5 to 6 hours by road from Nairobi to get to the camp and about an hour to fly to the nearest Olkiombo airstrip where a safari vehicle will take you to the camp in 25 minutes.

The zebra plains camp is under the management of the Zebra plain collection that offers some of the best accommodations in the different parts of Kenya. The camp can be booked all year round and we advise that you book in advance to get the best services from the camp especially during the peak season from June to September when the annual wildebeest migration takes place.

Accommodation at Zebra Plains Camp

We have two deluxe family villas which have facilities like a dining area that can easily turn into a room, a lounge, private verandas, king-size beds, and triple or twin beds, and can house a maximum of 8 people. The family villas are spacious and each of these has its facilities guaranteeing privacy to all guests staying at the deluxe family villas. It is recommended for families of people, couples, and about 6 adults but we do not recommend it for more than two couples since they will be too crowded. Two of the luxury tents were specifically set aside for couples on their honeymoon.

The camp has luxurious tented rooms that are filled with amenities to make sure that all guests are comfortable while on a safari to Masai Mara. The tented rooms can be changed to the guests’ requests that is they can be turned into singles, doubles, or triples.

All the rooms at the camp have facilities like private verandas, a reading table, a well-furnished bathroom designed with a washing basin and flushing toilet, comfortable beds, luggage rack, mosquito nets, and chairs. All the tented rooms have both cold and hot running water in the showers. 

Other midrange camps in the Masai Mara that can be an alternative for Zebra Plains include the Ashnil Mara Camp and Base Camp Masai Mara well as the Enkakenya Mara Camp. 

Food and beverages

The camp serves both local and international cuisines putting into consideration vegetarians, Gluten-free, non-vegetarians, and Halal and if there are any other requests that you need, you have to inform the chefs on time so that everything is prepared properly. The dining area has both outdoor and indoor setups where you can enjoy your meals with some of the best views around the camp.

The Lounge and bar

These are some of the facilities that are found at the camp and the amenities that are found here include the following:

A well-stocked bar that serves all types of drinks both local and international including beers, wines, cocktails, spirits, whiskies, and soft drinks. You don’t have to worry about what to drink because the camp makes sure that they meet the guests’ needs. The camp has five spacious and comfortable and of the five, one was turned into a bar.  The bar lounge is fitted with a large TV screen and it can be used by photographers as a photo workshop.

The main lounge has the best views of the vast open Masai Mara plains where wild animals can be seen walking towards the camp to relax or take a drink from the River. There are two bonfires where guests can relax as they share stories about their day’s activities and relax after a long day before dinner is served.

The lounge also has a twin bed, a double bed, and three sunbeds under umbrellas that can be used for relaxing as you enjoy your drinks or read a book. This is the perfect place for tourists looking for a private place to relax from.

Activities at the Zebra plains camp

Activities available at the Zebra plains Mara camp include the following:

Bush breakfasts and dinners

Game drives: Game drives are offered to guests throughout their stay and the camp offers about 3 game drives a day in a 4×4 safari vehicle with the first drive happening in the early mornings. Morning hours are also the best time to go for a photo safari since it offers perfect lighting. Game drives are carried out all year round however the best time is during the dry season.

Photo safaris: this is one of the safari activities that are offered at the camp. It does not matter whether you are a professional photographer or not, you can still enjoy a photo safari which is carried out in both the wet and dry seasons. We can easily arrange the safari in our 4×4 safari vehicles with a maximum of about 3 to 4 photographers per vehicle and will provide the basics on what should be done when taking photographs of the vast Masai Mara plains and the wildlife within it.

Hot air balloon rides: although you have to pay extra for the balloon rides, this is considered to be one of the best ways in which to explore Masai Mara from a different point of view. It starts very early morning and takes between 45 minutes to an hour and after the ride, there is a famous bush breakfast waiting for you with a toast of champagne.

Cultural Masai visits: explore one of the villages and get to meet the local people and get to know more about the Masai people. You will be welcomed by the local chief and songs and dance from the Masai people who will invite you to join them (this is not a must) and after that, the local guide will take you around the village through the local huts, the animals kept to where the women make jewellery to sell to visitors.

Trekking in the masai land 

Guided nature walks: the guided nature walks are usually carried out in designated places around Masai Mara and to the Masai villages. The guided nature walks get you closer to Nature and to be able to enjoy the walk, you will need to be able to follow all the rules set up by the tour guides and armed rangers.

Bird watching

Zebra Plains Mara Camp outdoor
Zebra Mara Camp Double Room

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