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Are you already relaxing in the Kenya coast enjoying the best beaches of Mombasa? Are you planning to spend time at Mombasa beach, Malindi, Watamu or Malindi? You shouldn’t board that plane back home before you experience one of the best Mombasa safari tours. We now offer a great selection of safaris from Mombasa city in the Kenyan Coast. You can select from our sample Kenya safari tour packages from Mombasa here below.

Top 9 Best Kenya Safaris from Mombasa

2 days safari from Mombasa to Tsavo East

2 Days Safari from Mombasa to Tsavo East

2 Days Safari from Mombasa to Tsavo East National Park is he best shortest safari you can do starting from Mombasa. You can be picked up from any hotel in Mombasa Island or Diani beach in the South Coast of Kenya.

2 days safari from Mombasa East West Tsavo

2 Days Mombasa Safari to Tsavo East & West

Two days of pure wildlife safari adventure, visiting the two sister parks of Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park. Spot the Big 5 in one of the shortest safaris from the Coast of Kenya.

Salt lick safari Mombasa

2-Day safari from Mombasa or Diani to Tsavo east & Salt Lick

Starting from any beach hotel in Mombasa or Diani Beach, this safari will take you to two of the best wildlife areas in the Coastal region of Kenya. Visit Tsavo East National Park and the Taita HIlls Wildlife Sanctuary commonly referred as the Salt Lick.

2 days mombasa safari Ngutuni Taita Salt lick

2 days Mombasa safari Ngutuni Conservancy & Taita HIlls

Visit two of the best private wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya in two days, starting ending at Mombasa or Diani beach. This is our 2 days wildlife safari in the Ngutuni Wildlife Conservancy & Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary also known as Salt Lick.

3 days Salt lick Tsavo East

3 days Tsavo East National Park and Salt Lick

3 days Tsavo East National Park and Salt Lick

Tsavo East

3 days Mombasa safari Tsavo East and West National Park

3 days Mombasa safari Tsavo East and West National Park

3 day safari Mombasa Amboseli

3 Day Amboseli National Park from Mombasa or Diani Beach

3 Day Amboseli National Park from Mombasa or Diani Beach

4 days safari from mombasa

4 Day Kenya safari from Mombasa; Tsavo East, Tsavo West, & Amboseli

4 Day Kenya safari from Mombasa; Tsavo East, Tsavo West, & Amboseli

5 Day safari from Mombasa

5 Day Kenya safari from Mombasa; Tsavo East, Tsavo West, & Amboseli

5 Day Kenya safari from Mombasa; Tsavo East, Tsavo West, & Amboseli

Mombasa Safaris at a Glance

Mombasa safari tours though short safaris to the nearest national parks and game sanctuaries, offer great wildlife viewing opportunity and it is even possible to spot all the ‘Big Five’ on a lucky safari day. Expect fun filled days out there in the vast savannah plains in search of African wildlife including impalas, zebras, giraffes, lions, hartebeests, lions, buffalos, leopards, cheetahs and even Rhino if you can visit the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary inside the Tsavo West.

The Southern Safari Circuit in Kenya where you can visit easily from Mombasa, Malindi Beach, Diani Beach or Kilifi, comprises both National Parks which are managed by Kenya Wildlife Services as well as Private and Community wildlife Sanctuaries.

The Most prominent wildlife areas that you can visit for safari from Mombasa includes; Tsavo West National Park, Tsavo East National Park, Taita Hills Wildlife Conservancy, Lumo Community Conservancy, Lualenyi Conservancy, Ngutuni Wildlife Conservancy as well as the Sagala Ranch.

With at least 4 days and above you can also venture as far as Amboseli National Park for more wildlife viewing as well as magnificent views of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro; the highest mountain in Africa.

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Mombasa Quick Facts

  • Mombasa is a famous historical coastal port city of Kenya located along the Indian Ocean in East Africa.
  • Mombasa City is known as the white and blue city in Kenya because of the beautiful white sandy beaches and the marvelous stretch of blue waters of the Indian Ocean.
  • Mombasa is Kenya’s oldest city and it is also the second-largest city.Mombasa’s population is estimated at 1.2 Million inhabitants from the 2019 national census.
  • Tourism and Fishery is the highest sources of livelihood and foreign exchange for Mombasa and Kenya.
  • Tsavo East, TSavo West and Amboseli National Parks are the best wildlife parks near Mombasa.
  • Anyone can do a short safari starting from the beach hotels in Mombasa and the surrounding beaches including, Shanzu, Kikambala beach, Bamburi beach, Diani Beach,Galu Beach, Malindi Beach & Kilifi beachline.

Mombasa Safaris where to Stay, What to See?

Safari Camps
Ashnil Aruba Lodge – Set on  beautiful landscaped gardens, The Ashnil Aruba Safari Lodge is one of the finest midrange safari camps in the Tsavo East National Park. The lodge features 40 Deluxe rooms with each room having a nice verandah that overlooking the Aruba Dam and the plains of Tsavo.

Voi Safari Lodge – One of the oldest safari lodges in Kenya, Voi Wildlife Lodge is a nice midrange lodge perched on the top of a cliff-faced rock with great views over Tsavo East’s savannah plains. The lodge has a water hole that attracts many animals and offering guests great wildlife spotting opportunities day and night.

Voi Wildife Lodge – Featuring 72 rooms furnished with gorgeous African décor that is replicated allover, Voi Wildife Lodge is a nice comfort level safari lodge located at the boundaries of the largest game park in Kenya; Tsavo East National Park.

Ngulia Safari Lodge – Located on top of Ndewe Escarpment in the vast Tsavo West National Park, Ngulia Safari Lodge is a great mid range lodge close to the largest Rhino Conservation area; the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary. The lodge features 50 nice lodges a swimming pool, a waterhole and great views over the sweeping plains of Tsavo.

Kibo Safari Camp, Amboseli – This is a nice mid-range tented camp located in the  Amboseli National Park’s boundaries within the buffer zones full of wild animals and birds alike. The camp has 61 en suite  tented rooms with private flush toilets and overhead shower bathrooms. The camp offers great views over the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro and comes with a nice swimming pool.

Tsavo East: Elephants, Giraffes, hartebeests, Impalas, Baboons, lions, cheetahs, Nile crocodiles, Bushbucks, zebras, buffaloes Dik Diks.

Tsavo West: Black rhino, Leopard, Elephants, Hippos, hartebeests, African wild dogs, topis, cape buffalo, lions, Masai Giraffes, bush baby.

Amboseli: Elephants, Lions, Cheatahs, Hartebeests, Gazelles, Impalas, Maasai giraffes, warthogs, spotted hyenas, grant’s zebras, blue wildebeests.

Taita Hills: Cape buffalo, defassa water bucks, Thompsons gazelle, kudus, hartebeests, Maasai giraffes, Elephants, topis, lesser kudu, dik diks, elands.

Ngulia Conservancy: Buffalo, Elephant, cheetahs, Gazelles, Impalas, lions, leopards,warthogs, wilddogs, hyeans, hippos, giraffes.

Best Time to Take a Mombasa Safari

Kenya at large is a great safari destination that you can visit all year round, with peak season for safaris in Mombasa and Kenya in general being from from June through February every year.

The best thing is that, the best months to visit Mombasa for beach vacation is also June through February, with the months of Mid March, April  and May being the least popular months for visiting Mombasa due to the fact that it is the long rain season in Mombasa and Kenya at large.

April – May may be long rains season but that is also the best time to visit if you are looking for less crowded safari tours from Mombasa, and also take advantage of this green season Mombasa safari prices.

Apart from the sample Mombasa safari packages listed here above, we also offer bespoke tours that are tailor made specifically to suit your needs, ideas and budget. tours tailored specifically and private for your and your companions.