Tipilikwani Mara Camp is an all-year-round safari camp that is surrounded by the rich ecosystem of the Masai Mara. The main attraction at the camp is the thatched dining and lounge which are furnished with armchairs and relaxing sofas for the guests. Located along the banks of the Talek River, the Tipilikwani Mara camp offers luxurious accommodation for a Kenyan safari to Masai Mara National Reserve. The camp has a bridge that connects to Masai Mara National Reserve and although it has previously been closed for maintenance and raising a little bit, it was officially reopened on 15th April 2022. The bridge shortens the trip between the reserve and the Tipilikwani Mara camp.

The camp experience becomes better and better with each day that you spend around the camp. The mornings are always early and they normally begin with either tea or coffee before you set out for the morning game drive as the sun rises. The game drives are carried out in 4×4 safari vehicles that carry a maximum of 6 people. After lunch, the afternoon drive plus other activities can be carried out and for tourists who wish to spend the whole day exploring the Masai Mara, a picnic basket is packed but you need to communicate with the chefs on time.

There are so many reasons why tourists should stay at the camp and some of these include the luxurious rooms that are found along the Talek River bank with views of the wildebeest migration and the vast plains of Masai Mara, the several activities that are offered at the camp including game drives, birding and nature walks, the tents are colored with Rich Masai colors, the facilities that are fitted into the rooms are also the top reason for staying at the camp and not forgetting the welcoming staff that ensures that you are comfortable during your stay.

Accessing the camp is quite easy since you do not have to go through the many towns around the Reserve. It can easily be accessed through the bridge across the River and this same bridge connects the camp with the Reserve and safari activities are easy to carry out and plan.

Accommodation at the camp

The camp had 18 spacious standard tents that were all raised a few feet off the ground on a wooden platform and 2 family tents totaling to 20 rooms. The tented rooms are quite spacious and a white curtain is used to divide the bedroom and bathroom and they are all private. The different facilities that are fitted into the different camps include woven rugs across the floors, wooden floors, canvas walls, bottled drinking water, sinks in the bathroom, a writing desk, insect repellent, a day sofa decorated to match the bed furnishings, a horn you can blow in case of emergencies and an information sheet.

Family rooms: the family tented rooms are interconnected with facilities like one large deck, a balcony, and twin or double beds and each has its private en-suite bathroom with both a shower and bathtub with both cold and warm running water.

The camp is open all year round however the best time is considered to be during the dry season when the wildebeest migration takes place which is from June to October. The wildebeest migration is an annual event that sees millions of wildebeests, thousands of Zebras, and gazelles crossing from Serengeti in Tanzania to Masai Mara in Kenya following the rains.

Activities carried out at the Tiplikwani camp

The different activities that are carried out at the camp include guided nature walks, cultural visits, game drives, birding, and many more.

Game drives: Enjoy a more pleasant and well-organized game drive around Masai Mara with experts both in the morning and evening hours. The knowledgeable guides will take you around the National Park since they know the best spots for wildlife viewing around the National Reserve.

Fireside: The fireside is located at the front of the dining area where guests relax and enjoy a campfire with other tourists, and share safari stories and adventures with a drink of choice in hand as they wait for dinner to be served.

The Great wildebeest migration: the wildebeest migration is best seen between August and September. Millions of wildebeests, gazelles, and zebras cross the Grumeti and Mara Rivers from Serengeti to Masai Mara due to a change in the weather pattern, and what better to spend your day watching the huge crowds as they move around the Reserve.

Masai Mara visits: these are to help you learn more about the Masai culture, and their way of life, learn how to track animals, learn how to prepare their favorite meal (milk and blood), and buy a few souvenirs from the locals among others.

The staff at the camp are always ready to welcome all guests and make sure that each and everyone is comfortable. The chef’s cooking is incredible and in case you want to book a room, make sure that it is done in advance so that you get a room, especially during the dry season when tourists are quite many.


Facilities at the Tipilikwani Mara Camp

The reception area: this is a simply decorated area where guests relax when they arrive at the camp. It is furnished with chairs and a table that is made from tree roots and this is where most of the meetings and briefings about the various activities carried out at the camp are done.

The dining area: the dining area which has a fire pit at the front where guests gather before dinner is where most of the meals are served from. Three meals are served per day and these are breakfast, lunch, and dinner with picnics and bush breakfast, and dinners are served with advance communication. The meals served at the camp are prepared by well-trained chefs and they include both local and international cuisines.

Other amenities that are offered at the camp include free WIFI, 240 charging facilities which are located within the lounge, a spacious lounge, continental cuisines, hot air balloon rides at an extra cost, a swimming pool, and private wooden decks.


Tipilikwani Mara Camp

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