Searching for a daring and comfortable day tour away from your everyday routine, white water rafting Kenya Adventures have you covered as they are the leading outdoor sport to enjoy in the country. It is normally done with the use of an inflatable boat and it is used to sail varying degrees of harsh waters and the white waters.

In the 1990’s in Kenya, white water rafting commenced and has from then on gained its glory over the years. This recreational activity which is among the best adventurous activities to enjoy on your Safari in Kenya is captivating and it entails collaborating with different adventure lovers in an effort to conquer the river dangers in an encounter that will certainly be unforgettable.

Kenya has various service providers that offer different rates and the number of individuals found in the group will determine the cost of white water rafting. Prior to booking, it would be a good idea to get in touch with service providers in order to ascertain proper payment arrangements.

The events engaged in white water rafting are quite entertaining plus they are normally monumental. For families who want to cherish valuable and memorable moments, family tours of white water rafting should be the leading activity on their lists. This is a perfect way of enjoying your free time and also relaxing while having a good time observing the amazing scenic views as well as voyaging the river.

Top 3 white water rafting destinations in Kenya

  1. Athi RiverWhite water rafting adventure Kenya

White water rating’s finest experiences can be encountered in just a few main rivers. One of these rivers is Athi, it is ranked among the best ten river destinations across the whole world. You will have a great time sighting the beautiful African wildlife as well as simply rafting for fun from there. A few of the renowned animals found in their natural habitat here include: baboons, giraffes, hippos, buffaloes, elephants, monkeys as well as crocodiles. Here is what is interesting rafting occurs in a river section that is adjacent to Tsavo East National Park.

You will be able to maneuver class two plus class four stretches and also sail in places with quiet waters offering you a breather and relish scenic views of the flora and fauna. In addition to that, your nights will be spent in mobile anchored hotels along the sandy banks of the river. We recommend exploring this river from mid- April to the middle of June and then from mid-October to the finish of December.

Each trip requires six people minimum and twenty four people maximum. It should however be noted that the water levels of the river are subjected to change as time goes by.

  1. Tana River

Although white water rafting is spine chilling, it is insanely phenomenal in a similar way. The adrenaline rush from this adventure makes great for a fun Group Kenya Safari and in addition each and every team player will have fun and be comfortable. An inflatable kayak which is in good condition is all you should have to be a part of this venturesome activity and you will be ready to go.

The river provides a blend of sixteen kilometers of thrilling white water rafting until the class five rapids, with a twelve kilometer stretch of calm river water. You will then turn to birding as you delight in in the magnificent scenic view and serene ambience in the final section. This trip will have you telling beautiful stories that entail many remarkable experiences in case you are a courageous traveler. When we talk about wildlife to be seen, the river to begin with is a sanctuary to hippos as well as crocodiles, while lions, antelopes, elephant herds, giraffes and zebras are attracted to the banks of the river.Spending the night by the sand banks while staring at the night sky stars is part of the glamour you will enjoy on this adventure tour.

The best rafting place along the Tana River is Camp Sagana which offers rapids up to grade five from grade three basing on the seasons. It is also important to note that this was the very place were the original kayaking championships/ African Olympic Canoe qualifiers took place in 2008 in the month of January that included sixteen (16) different African countries.

The schedules usually include two sessions one beginning in the morning at around nine o’clock and the other in the afternoon at two o’clock.  The camp in addition offers the perfect site for capturing the unforgettable lifetime pictures about water rafting depending on the rapids’ nature.

The rafting tour is around twelve kilometers long and is carried out under the monitoring of professional guides that are well trained. You will traverse the various sections of the river that have diverse rapid grades. Grade one which is pretty much flat water is the starting point until the rapids of Grade five which all season based.The water levels for example in Kenya go up due to the Monsoon lengthy rains that occur in May from April and also in December from November.

Briefing on overall safety is done for around ten to fifteen minutes before your adventure begins. The rafting guide will then be introduced to you.You can constantly ask the guide questions if you have any.

At the start of each rafting trip, a waiver form is filled out. Within the Sagana there are several routes pursued during rafting therefore you will certainly require a professional guide while descending down the course of the river with your rafter colleagues. On reaching the camp you will set out for round one, and head out to the rapids, have fun at the incredible bowl angles and at the end of the adventure you will freshen up in bathrooms (there is a hot bath awaiting you) before having your lunch.

Once you are briefed about what to expect from the trip, round two of commercial rafting starts at two o’clock in the afternoon at rapid camp. From Sagana, the journey may take three or four hours and stop at about five o’clock in the evening. Groups have an opportunity of prolonging their adventures in order to engage in the moonlight walks.

People who will be rafting for the first time will have an opportunity to kayak on flat waters and also enjoy the different rapids to the grade three’s although this can be done with the assistance of professionals who know the sport. The package you select will determine the price of your White water rafting adventure. These include packages of three to four hours of commercial-river-rafting. The package also includes half board, full board and self-catering. The commercial river tours of about three to four hours are inclusive of this package of white water rafting. A dome tent will be given to you, one that can accommodate a child under the age of five and two adults. Bedding as well as camping gear are some of the extra items you also acquire. Self-catering, half-board and full board are inclusive of the package.The commercial river tours of Sagana are single day excursions. You will love bird watching, the array of beautiful valleys/gorges and the magnificent various river waterfalls.

  1. Mathioya River

In Kenya, River Mathioya holds the narrowest rapids so water rafting can only be done by skilled and well trained personnel.This is the reason as to why Savage Wilderness advises you to be well prepared plus get an expert to be your guide. Due to the seasoning of the rainy periods in the area, rafting trips are conducted in October and November as well as from mid-April to mid-June. You shall be able to have two trips with the first one starting at nine o’clock in the morning and the second trip starting at two o’clock in the afternoon. Four is least number of persons needed to raft whereas the maximum number is sixty persons. Here you are assured of having a great time and of your money not going to waste. You will be able to raft for three to four hours, be provided with all rafting gear, provided with transport to transfer you from the camp to the river and back, as well as be assigned a well trained and skilled guide on each boat.

 What to wear when White water rafting in Kenya:

  • A bathing suit and quick dry shorts
  • Sunglasses having retainer strap
  • do not wear cotton clothing, because cotton material becomes very cold if wet
  • wear a synthetic shirt to keep warm
  • sun protection
  • Strong footwear, like wet-suit boots, sneakers and if sandals they should have straps. Avoid flip-flops
  • a hat with a brim to safeguard your face from sun

What to pack for after the Trip:

  • A towel
  • Dry clothes, socks plus shoes to warm you up
  • a bag to carry your wet clothes

Before your visit, please contact us to help you customize your Rafting Adventure in Kenya that will suit your preference.